Alexander Brucker

Alexander J.
Brucker, MD


CP Wilkinson

Charles P.
Wilkinson, MD


Karen Baranick

Karen Baranick
Executive Secretary

>R.V. Paul Chan, MD, MBA

R.V. Paul
Chan, MD, MBA

Chair, Website Communications

>Richard S. Kaiser, MD

Richard S.
Kaiser, MD

Corporate Liaison

Jonathan L. Prenner, MD

Jonathan L.
Prenner, MD

Annual Meeting
Master of Ceremonies

Amy C. Schefler, MD

Amy C.
Schefler, MD

Chair, Fundraising Committee

About the Foundation

The Ronald G. Michels Fellowship Foundation was established in 1991 with donations from former colleagues and patients. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support second-year fellows in training in vitreoretinal surgery in the United States. The foundation continues to be supported by contributions from those dedicated to educational excellence in ophthalmology.

Ronald G. Michels Fellowship Foundation Awards are granted annually to outstanding second-year vitreoretinal fellows in training. To become eligible, candidates submit a formal application that includes thorough generic information and letters of reference. A panel of noted physicians, educators and scientists reviews and ranks the applications. These rankings are submitted to the foundation’s board of directors to determine the award recipients.

The fellowship award recipients receive a cash stipend and a plaque. They are requested to attend the next Ronald G. Michels Fellowship Foundation Annual Meeting, which is held during the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, and to briefly introduce themselves to the audience. This meeting brings together supporters of the foundation, including previous award winners. It offers an opportunity to socialize, strengthen relationships, and review the accomplishments of the foundation.

Alice Wilkinson

Alice Michels

Board Member

“I have been very gratified to have observed the evolution of the Ronald G. Michels Fellowship Foundation. Training of fellows in vitreoretinal surgery was a genuine priority for Ron. He would be very happy that the most outstanding fellows receive this award in his memory.”

Allison Michels-Pettinelli

Allison Michels-Pettinelli, MD
Board Member

Randy Michels

Randy Michels
Board Member